Fall in love with your favourite pieces all over again with Branded Cambo Supply Restoration Service. Our bespoke repaint, repair and cleaning service are worked on by specialist carpenters.

Standard Cleaning

Professional cleaning technique, 100% handwashed. Different treatment applies for different materials to remove tough stains and dirt without damaging the materials. The cleaning service includes cleaning for upper sole, mid, undersoles and laces.

Sole Protection

Prevention is better than cure, adding a layer of protection for your bottom soles to protect them from wearing off too fast.

Sole Repair

The part of the shoes that is most vulnerable is the sole, once worn-out repairing the sole will be based on it's condition - either through sanding it off, sole adhesive or sole replacement with rubber.


White shoes will normally turn yellow after a long period of time due to oxidization. Using anti-oxidization process we can restore the shoes back to it's original white colour.


Shine bright like a diamond. Give your favourite wearables the shine it once had.

Repaint or Colour Restoration

It's normal to experience colour loss on your favourite piece, but don't be sad it's restorable by repainting back it's pattern and design - although pricing is based on the complexity of it.

General Repairs

Repair services available for both men and women shoes. Services include re-gluing, restitching, puncturing, heel replacement, back lining repair and patching. Drop by and let our friendly team help you!


Differentiate your shoes from the crowd by customising your own design with our artist. You design - we will draw and paint it onto the shoes for you