What We Promise Our Customers?

We're committed to our customer promise all year round, however during busy periods like holidays, sales and special campaigns you might experience higher waiting times from our Customer Service team. Your deliveries may take longer than usual to get to you, but don't worry — you'll receive a confirmation email as soon as it's shipped.

Who Are We?

In a developing country like Cambodia, where regulations on counterfeit product isn't as strong - counterfeit fashion designers' product are available almost in every market.

At Branded Cambo Supply you can shop all the pieces you want, whenever you want with confidence and without having to worry about encountering counterfeit products.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do - from listening to our customer demands to trying to fulfilled their demands by selectively choosing our business partners to ensure all items brought in are 100% original. We only partner with the best to ensure you get the styles that matter to you.